Fitness Solution to a Medical Problem?

“Never provide a fitness answer to a health question.” ~ Gray Cook, PT, author of “Movement.” In the last 10 years of my fitness career, I have had many people — gym members, friends, and family alike — approach with me with questions like, “I have pain in my (body part). What exercises I can … Continue reading

Training vs. Working Out

“Trainers used to train people. Now trainers just work people out.” ~Dr. Ed Thomas Imagine two men—about the same age, physique, and health—exercising at a gym.  One man spends the first 20 minutes doing jump rope drills, sun salutations, and kettlebell swings, followed by 20 minutes of boxing with a bag, pushups, pullups, deadlifts and … Continue reading

Flexibility vs. Mobility: What’s the Difference?

“Yoga practitioners, dancers, and martial artists have understood the concepts of mobility and stability for thousands of years without every making scientific studies or analyzing every little detail in the body.” ~SPE Performance Traditional fitness programs emphasize on three primary pillars of fitness which are muscular strength, cardiovascular endurance, and flexibility. Human movement and behavior, … Continue reading

Stiff Upper Back Leads to Shoulder Pain

“Our response to injury is like hearing the smoke detector go off and running to pull out the battery. The pain, like the sound, is a warning of some other problem. Icing a sore knee without examining the ankle or hip is like pulling the battery out of the smoke detector.” ~ Mike Boyle, author … Continue reading

3-D Push-ups

“We have seen guys who can bench press their own weight 10 times, but they could not do 10 good push-ups.” ~SPE Performance Push-ups are one of the oldest forms of bodyweight exercises that strengthen your entire body, not just your chest, shoulders, and arms. In the initial push-up position, your spine, abdominals, hip, and … Continue reading

My Three Mistakes as a Trainer

“There is no such thing as bad students. Only bad teacher.” ~Mr. Miyagi If you ask 100 managers in a room who work for different companies, “Why do you do what you do,” 90 percent of them would reply, “I want to make more money.” If you ask 100 personal trainers in a room the … Continue reading

Increase Hip Mobility, Reduce Back Pain

“When someone’s back hurts they don’t want to blame their lifestyle, fitness level, or daily patterns.  Instead, they want to blame their back pain on starting the lawn mover last week,  which, in reality, is probably just the straw that broke the camel’s back.” ~Gray Cook, physical therapist and author of Movement. Few medical or  … Continue reading

Got Bad Knees? Blame It on Your Ankles

“If something won’t move, something else will. We call this compensation and a liability.” ~SPE Performance Your ankles, hip joints, thoracic spine, and shoulders are four common joints that are prone to stiffness and are the source of most back and knee pain. This causes a chain reaction of dysfunction to your joints and muscles … Continue reading

Exercise of the Week: Kneeling Lift

The lift movement is simply a mirror image of the chop where you move your arms across your body from a low position to a high position. This exercise is may be more challenging because you are now moving against gravity rather than with it like the chop. Follow the same guidelines as the chop … Continue reading

Five Questions to Ask a Personal Trainer

“Personal trainers don’t have to be good at what they do. They just have to show up.” Hiring a personal fitness trainer (PFT) nowadays are much more common and accessible than it was in the 1990s. However, unlike other health professionals, there are no national standards that mandates or licensure  in the United States that … Continue reading