SPE Performance helps you minimize your risk of injuries by identifying movement dysfunctions in your body that can cause an injury and reduce your athletic performance. We also promote the concept of organic exercise, which is movement in its most natural and unrefined state, like organic food.  We also utilize the Functional Movement Screen to serve as a baseline for all exercise programs. It identifies asymmetries and movement dysfunctions that can lead to injury and pain.

Section Guide

Fitness and Injury Prevention

No matter how fit you are, you will experience some degree of injury in your lifetime, whether it is a tear in your ACL or a minor bruise in your arm. We discuss topics about human movement, exercise strategies, and injury prevention.

Exercise Ideas

Exercise samples are given to help you understand movement better, whether the movement is based on sports, dance, martial arts, gymnastics, corrective exercise, or strength conditioning. We do not marry ourselves into one method or one exercise equipment. We use whatever is necessary and practical to get the job done.

On the Spot

A personal anecdote, thoughts, and philosophies with a touch of dry-humor from your humble author, Nick Ng. Rated PG-13. Readers’ discretion advised.


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