3-D Push-ups

“We have seen guys who can bench press their own weight 10 times, but they could not do 10 good push-ups.” ~SPE Performance

Push-ups are one of the oldest forms of bodyweight exercises that strengthen your entire body, not just your chest, shoulders, and arms. In the initial push-up position, your spine, abdominals, hip, and legs work together to stabilize your body as you move up and down.

To make your push-ups more interesting, you can perform several variations based on the your three planes of motion: sagittal, frontal, and transverse plane.

Here’s a sample pattern you can do where the person performs push-ups in all three planes of motion.

Can you come up with other variations of push-ups that emphasizes on different planes of movement? If you have one, please upload your video onto Youtube, and share it with us. Send link to speperformance@hotmail.com or post it under our comments. We’ll post your video up as one of our guests for the week.

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